Yoga for Stress Management and Find Serenity

Yoga for Stress Management and Find Serenity

Published on Nov 10, 2020

No one is stress-free nowadays everyone has a different kind of tension in their life. Some have financial stress; some have family or work stress. You cannot tell every time by seeing someone's face that he/she is suffering from stress or not. But you can, while talking to them because a fully stressed person always thinks about the situation he/she is in that time, means they didn’t care about what they are doing, where are they, and what to talk about in other matters. They get stuck at the point where they only have one thing in their mind and that is the reason for stress.

Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways to make you capable to handle every situation of life with calm and positivity. Today we will talk about meditation and yoga to reduce stress in this article “yoga for stress management and find serenity”. Keep reading for the best way out of stress and anxiety.

No one likes stress word because it irritates and brings anger and negative mood swings. But we are humans and we have feelings. So if we feel happiness then we feel stressed too. If you are an employee in a company, you definitely have stress for success and settlement in life. On the other hand, if you are a businessman then you have stress for profits or more business.

What is stress?

Stress is a situation in which your body and mind react and make you feel discomfort mentally or physically. Sometimes things become puzzled and the mind comes into a state where you don’t know what to do or even you don’t want to do anything. Enroll in Group Yoga classes that help in making the balance of body and mind in order to handle situations calmly. It develops your mind and gives strength to handle different situations at different times.

Today’s lifestyle and work culture have been changed very drastically and making a big impact on everyone’s financial status. People are busier in making money for a better future. This type of working environment is reducing the quality of life.

Say goodbye to stress by doing yoga practice

Yoga helps in reducing stress as it provides relaxation to the body and mind, Also, enhances the power to think positively in every strenuous situation. Yoga and meditation are beneficial for the most important aspects of our life and that is body, mind, and breathing. If these three things would be under your control of yours then you can come out from any stress & tension and after that, you will be thankful to yoga for stress relief.

It’s not important that you will do yoga when you are stressed. Take a good step towards yoga today and make your life smoother and more flexible. Let’s get into yoga for stress management and spiritual classes that will definitely help you in keeping calm and flexible in any situation.

1)        Butterfly pose (Baddha Konasana)

The butterfly pose is a great pose of yoga to relieve tension. Most of us feel low after a hectic day, we feel good when our legs meet rest and improve blood circulation in the lower body that becomes stalled because of long sitting time.

Butterfly Pose stretches the inner thighs and groin and provides relaxation to the stressed tissues of this area. Women who feel menstrual discomfort can do this yoga for stress management, it will provide relief.

2)        Tree pose (Vriksasana)

Tree Yoga Pose improves balance and stability in the lower body, especially in the legs. It is one of the best yoga poses for beginners that have started to reduce stress and tension. It strengthens the ligaments and entire standing leg from feet to hips. It strengthens the bones of the lower body because you will feel the weight on your hips and legs. It teaches you how to build self-confidence and esteem. By doing this pose you will learn to concentrate on a thing you want avoiding distractions.

3)        Standing Forward bend (Uttanasana)

Standing forward bend (Uttanasana) strengthens the thigh muscles & knees, and also stretches hips, hamstrings, and calves. It helps in keeping the spine strong and flexible. We do many things in our day-to-day life, like pulling the sofa, and bed, picking up the bucket, picking up kids, and infinite things that need spine support.

Most people get pain in their back at an early stage of their life. Standing forward bend (Uttanasana) pose not only gives strength and makes your back flexible & strong but also it is one of the best poses in yoga for stress management as it calms the brain and relieves mild depression (a symptom of stress).

4)        Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana)

Like standing forward bend, seated forward bend yoga pose also calm down the brain and helps in reducing stress and depression. But add one more thing in this yoga for beginners pose that it stretches shoulder too with spine and hamstrings. By doing this pose you can not only reduce stress but also stimulates the liver and kidney. If someone has a problem with digestion then this seated forward bend pose is for you. It is excellent for reducing headaches, anxiety, and fatigue.

5)        Child’s pose (Balasana)

Like a child you will feel free from the world after doing this yoga relieves tension. It reduces the tension of your shoulders responsibilities as it is one of the best yoga poses that release tension in your shoulders, back, and chest. Best yoga practice for those people who have dizziness or fatigue.

It punches down stress and anxiety. If you have pain in your neck or lower back then performing this yoga practice will reduce that pain as it lengthens and stretches the whole spine.

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