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Corporate Yoga Classes in Delhi/ NCR

Yoga is known to have benefitted a wide array of people from varied backgrounds. Amidst all of it, the executives who are engaged in the corporate world are told to need yoga and meditation or stress and spiritual classes the most. Pertinent to the materialistic moves of the world, corporate are rushing behind profits and to meet stringent deadlines that bring along a lot of stress. Amidst all such challenges, the corporate people are often running behind in physical workout and mental wellbeing. In such a scenario, corporate yoga classes in Delhi NCR, India can prove to be an overall aid in the reduction of stress, easing mental wellbeing and dealing with serious ailments like diabetes and obesity.

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Experience of Yoga

  • Balance Body & Mind
  • Meditation Practice
  • Boost your willpower
  • Healthy Daily Life
  • Yoga Month Challenge
  • Create cool mind
  • Increases calmness
  • Positivity
  • Concentration Mindfulness
  • Self-confidence
  • Tranquility
  • Better understanding of mind

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Divyaa Yoga Institute brings to the corporate executives a complete package with a commendable curriculum to suit the yogic needs of corporate executives in meeting the standards of a healthy and happy life.


Why Corporate Yoga Classes with Divyaa Yoga Institute?

We, at Divyaa Yoga Institute, take an intensive study of the factors that affect the well being of corporate executives before the formulation of the curriculum. This helps us in devising the most appropriate format and constituents of the yoga program in accordance with the corporate culture.

With world-class teaching methodologies and highly experienced tutoring groups, Divyaa Yoga Institute is a leading international yoga institute in India. The corporate yoga classes conducted by Divyaa Yoga Institute in Ghaziabah fall under the category of special yoga programs that are curated with the assistance of professionals that adhere to the very standards of yoga set for ages. Divyaa Yoga Institute in Delhi NCR is thereby the best choice for group yoga programs.


Corporate Yoga: Curriculum

Devised by experienced professionals, the corporate yoga curriculum is made taking into account all the stressful situations and pressured work culture that corporate executives have to work in. Also, the curriculum is set keeping in mind that they do not get enough time to pay attention to their physical health. The curriculum thereby encompasses a perfect amalgamation of yogic techniques that are beneficial for the mind and body both.

The curriculum includes:

  • Asanas
  • Various techniques of pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Conscious relaxation techniques
  • Kriyas for strengthening and cleansing of eyes, nose, and throat 
  • Sattvic diet food required to be taken at appropriate intervals for beating stress and unhealthy lifestyle
  • Interactive games based on yogic concepts and philosophy


Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Out of the many yoga training courses in India, the corporate yoga workshop proves to be most relevant for the upcoming generation whose major portion is involved in corporate offices. Group yoga classes in Delhi NCR has an immense number of benefits for the executives who otherwise are not able to spare time for their physical and mental well being because of their stressful and occupied schedules. Want to learn more, enrol in our yoga classes in Ghaziabad

Following are the benefits that corporate yoga has: 

  • The employee happiness index is improved and they feel energized at work.
  • Productivity is highly benefitted due to corporate yoga as it relaxes and energizes the mind of executives.
  • The concentration and decision making power of the executives are improved as yogic practices like meditation work on these aspects of the mind.
  • Corporate yoga improves employee alertness ad their ability to react calmly in demanding and provoking situations at work.
  • Employee attitude and outlook towards the employer and the organization is enhanced.
  • General well being is improved in the workplace which in turn reduces employee turnover.
  • Calm and happy employees extend better customer services, resulting in customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Employees are relieved of stress and hypertension caused because of work stress thereby benefitting their physical well being and morale.