Things to consider before you practicing Asana

Things to consider before you practicing Asana

Published on Dec 08, 2020

Practising yoga is a very excellent thing and it is spreading all around the world like wildfire. Many people are surprised and curious about the fact that how practising exercise that stretches the body can be a solution to so many health and fitness problems. If you are feeling excited about yoga and going to add it to your daily schedule then this article will help you in getting things to consider before you practising asana.

Yoga is indeed a very easy and perfect way to provide peace to your body and mind but some things should be taken care of before practicing yoga for better results. Every person has their own body type and a mindset that makes them different from each other. Their thinking is different and so do the way of doing things, that’s why you should learn the perfect way of practicing yoga without making any mistakes.

Things to consider before you practicing Asana

First of all, you should have dedicated towards the thing that you are going to do for the first time in your life and you must have an open mind before learning a new thing. Here are the things that you must consider before practicing yoga.

1)        Accessories

Accessories don’t mean you need something to show off. It means you need some important things that will help you in making your body and mind comfortable like loose & comfortable clothes that allow you to move your body easily. But not so much loose that will embarrass you while doing exercise.

A good yoga mat is also an important thing you need while doing yoga poses. If you will do it on the ground you will lose your grip and the chances of an accident increase. If you are going to group yoga classes in a yoga institute then for sure they offer yoga mat free of cost or at a minimal cost. You can buy a yoga mat according to your form of yoga that you are practicing.

You can consult this thing with your trainer that what type of yoga mat would be good for you. He or she will suggest you the best according to your yoga practice and your type of body and measurement.

2)        Eat on time

It is very important to eat on time. Don’t ever eat before doing exercise because it is very important that your stomach is empty before you practice yoga. A gap of two hours is important between your last meal and exercise. Practicing yoga just after your meal can make you feel uncomfortable and the chances are you can experience vomit.

3)        Leave your phone while doing yoga

Yoga should be practiced with a calm mind and body. Leave your phone in your room before going for yoga practice because it can divert your mind that let you away to meet all the yoga benefits. While doing yoga and meditation, leave all your tension and stress of taking calls and messages for the best output.

If you will take your phone with you while practicing yoga then it will not let you concentrate fully.

4)        Age

Yoga is for all age groups but every different age group needs to follow their yoga form. If a 70 years old person will try to stretch like a 20 years old person, this can be dangerous for their health, bones, and muscles. When it comes to advance Asanas, there are some restrictions for every age group person. If you are new to it or didn’t have the proper knowledge then you should consult a yoga teacher or you can join yoga classes.

5)        Health conditions

It is a very important notice for the people who are suffering from any kind of disease or health issues that don’t do any exercise or practice yoga without consulting your doctor or any physician. If you are going to join any yoga institute in Delhi NCR then first inform your yoga trainer about your health issues before you will step into the journey of yoga practice. It could be very dangerous for you.

6)        Loosening exercise

Loosening exercise is a must yoga form that should be done before practicing yoga. Movement should be slow and your breathing should be proper. Don’t repeat the exercise more than three times.

There are many joints in our body that needs movement and lubrication before doing exercise. It is because some of our body parts are used regularly but some are used rarely which can create a problem later.

7)        Relaxation

Relaxing your body is important while doing and after doing the yoga practice. Don’t make yoga practice a race, do it properly and slowly for better results. Give your body time after performing a pose as it is one of the most important parts you should learn before practicing yoga.

8)        Do step by step

Yoga is something that teaches you to slow down and relax your body and mind from the fast lifestyle. When you practice yoga, keep in mind one thing that is performing things one by one and step by step. Don’t go faster, do it slowly and properly because if you are doing yoga not in the proper way it will not benefit you and even can give you an injury if something goes wrong.

Doing yoga will provide you knowledge of performing tasks properly without making any mistakes.

That is also a reason why we suggest you perform yoga under professionals because it finishes the risk of injury and you will get the benefits of yoga in a better way.

Practice asana under Divyaa yoga institute

Divyaa Yoga Institute is a place where you will learn yoga under experts. As a result, you will enjoy your practice and holistic journey of yoga. Also, the trainers will help you in reaching the goal that you have chosen before joining Yoga school. All these steps that we have discussed above can be performed easily with the help of professional trainers.

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