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Yoga & Meditation Courses | Yoga School in Ghaziabad, India | Divyaa Yoga Institute


With highly qualified and experienced yoga teachers, the dedicated team at Divyaa yoga institute aims at serving and uplifting the society through means of healthy and happy living using Vedic yoga practices.

Extending free yoga training services to senior citizens while also conducting a wide range of classes and workshops, Divyaa Yoga institute marks its place as the Best Yoga Institute in Delhi/NCR India. Through asanas, kriyas, mudras, and pranayamas, this yoga institute in ghaziabad offers multiple courses to turn enrollers into happier and healthier individuals. We offers yoga teacher training program like 200 hours teacher training course, Yoga for better living certificate course of (21) days, Meditation certificate course. Also offers yoga classes in studio, Stress Management & Spiritual Classes, Group yoga classes, Corporate yoga classes, and lot more.

Group Yoga Classes


Yoga is a rejuvenating process that cleanses the mind and soul. Divyaa yoga institute, which is a thriving name in this domain is consistently focusing to uplift the society by teaching yoga and meditation.
There are numerous beneficial aspects that come with Divyaa Yoga Institute because of its recognized name and years of teaching experience.

Some of the key benefits are : 

  • Reconstruction of spiritual energy within the body to reduce mental stress and increase physical flexibility.
  • Learning from the pioneers who are driven to enhance the lifestyle of physically and mentally unfit people.
  • The best yoga teacher in Delhi works with Divyaa Yoga Institute to teach all types of yoga forms and techniques.
  • Personality development learning with programs like group yoga classes and other special yoga programs.
  • Aspirants can learn and work as a professional yoga teacher with certification courses offered by the institute. 
Group Yoga Classes
Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate Yoga Classes in Delhi/ NCR

Yoga is known to have benefitted a wide array of people from varied backgrounds. Amidst all of it, the executives who are engaged in the corporate world are told to need yoga and meditation or stress and spiritual classes the most. Pertinent to the materialistic moves of the world, corporate are rushing behind profits and to meet stringent deadlines that bring along a lot of stress. Amidst all such challenges, the corporate people are often running behind in physical workout and mental wellbeing. In such a scenario, corporate yoga classes in Delhi NCR, India can prove to be an overall aid in the reduction of stress, easing mental wellbeing and dealing with serious ailments like diabetes and obesity.

Corporate Yoga Classes
Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes IN Ghaziabad

Divyaa Yoga Institute is a well-known name that is associated with some revered professionals that are heavily experienced in the field of traditional yogic practices and meditation. With world-class facilities and specially curated schedules for people with different backgrounds, the institute stands out from an array of other competitors.

To step on the yogic path is fruitful only under the proper guidance of a learned and skilled yoga teacher; Divyaa yoga institute is the place that has the best to offer you.

Making available multiple options like traditional and contemporary yoga styles, our yoga class in Ghaziabad serves you with various options to be assessed and chosen as per your preference. Yoga is a science of transformation, recreation, reformation, and healing. Our institute creates the most conducive and developing atmosphere for you to embark on a fruitful journey on the yogic path.

Yoga Classes in Ghaziabad
Relax, Body, Mind and Sprit

Yoga Workshop

Divyaa Yoga Institute brings a yoga workshop program for people who are interested in learning yoga or stress management and spiritual classes in a shorter period. Yoga, as we know, is one of the most effective types of exercise which trains both body and mind and it has been in practice since ages.

You can get one of a kind experience with this workshop as it has many benefits that come with it, such as:

  • A comprehensive course designed to provide an overall demonstration of yoga and exercise related to it.
  • Rejuvenate your mind and body by self-practice as the workshop is based on practical learning ethics.
  • Achieve mental peace by meditation which will enhance the power of your mind, release stress and increases concentration power of your mind.
  • Learn from experienced trainers who provide full support to make the learning process easier and faster.
  • Get complete theoretical knowledge of ancient yoga which was the purest form of yoga.
Yoga Workshop
Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes in Delhi NCR

Meditation Classes
Relax, Body, Mind and Sprit

Stress management and spiritual classes

Stress has been known as a major cause of diseases and illnesses. Divyaa yoga institute has formulated much-needed stress management and spiritual course that is highly required by the stressed generation that is busy in their mundane lifestyles running for accomplishing deadlines and goals. 

Working in alliance with body, mind, and breath, one can successfully win over stress and learn to deal with stressful situations without panicking or getting anxious over it. This course follows the time-tested practice of yogic principles from ancient times that are proven to be highly effective in controlling stress and moving towards spirituality. Come join Divyaa yoga institute’s stress management and spiritual classes in Delhi NCR and master the techniques of yogic times to manage stress effectively and embark on a spiritual journey.

Stress management and spiritual classes