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Divyaa Yoga Institute is a well-known name that is associated with some revered professionals that are heavily experienced in the field of traditional yogic practices and meditation. With world-class facilities and specially curated schedules for people with different backgrounds, the institute stands out from an array of other competitors.

To step on the yogic path is fruitful only under the proper guidance of a learned and skilled yoga teacher; Divyaa yoga institute is the place that has the best to offer you.

Making available multiple options like traditional and contemporary yoga styles, our yoga class in Ghaziabad serves you with various options to be assessed and chosen as per your preference. Yoga is a science of transformation, recreation, reformation, and healing. Our institute creates the most conducive and developing atmosphere for you to embark on a fruitful journey on the yogic path.

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Experience of Yoga

  • Balance Body & Mind
  • Meditation Practice
  • Boost your willpower
  • Healthy Daily Life
  • Yoga Month Challenge
  • Create cool mind
  • Increases calmness
  • Positivity
  • Concentration Mindfulness
  • Self-confidence
  • Tranquility
  • Better understanding of mind

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Yoga Classes in Ghaziabad: Overview

In a constantly growing and hustling city like Ghaziabad, the mundane lifestyles of working men and women make it very tough for them to take out time for body and mind. Amidst such packed schedules the health and mental peace of people often gets compromised on severe levels. Yoga classes in Ghaziabad are a commendable way to overcome such physical and mental issues through the age-old chamber of amazements called yogic techniques.  

Divyaa Yoga Institute is the best yoga institute in Ghaziabad that offers an inventively creative curriculum for yoga classes of multiple types- corporate yoga classes, group yoga classes, yoga workshops, and 21 days yoga for better living certification couses, 200 hours yoga teacher training certification courses, etc. In order to encompass a healthy and meaningful life, this yoga class in Ghaziabad has included course contents that would awaken your consciousness and purify your soul while aiding physical well being and fitness at large. Maintain the vigor and zeal in your life by joining a class for taking in traditional teachings of Hatha and ashtanga.


What will you learn from this yoga course in Ghaziabad?

This yoga course in Ghaziabad by Divyaa yoga institute will encompass the following topics and practical concepts:

  • Fundamentals of the teachings of Hatha and ashtanga yoga that form the majors of yogic techniques.
  • Adjustments and alignments of postures to attain flawless and faultless yogic poses ad postures.
  • The practice of meditation coupled with pranayama techniques for self-transformation.
  • Classical and traditional study of yoga mudras and Sanskrit mantras.
  • Uncovering the shatkarma techniques i.e. the six cleansing techniques of the human body.
  • Practical classes for the betterment of postures of yoga.
  • A deep study of yoga anatomy for having an insight into the causes and reasons for yoga postures and their effects on different body parts.
  • Use of props to enhance yoga postures and to improve the positive effects.


What will you experience

Your experience with Divyaa yoga institute at Yoga classes in Ghaziabad is sure to be one of a kind that will be revered for time to come. The facilities and teaching methodology adopted by our competent and learned team give out a therapeutic experience to the students. The experience will include:

  • Improvement in the body posture while sitting standing walking, talking, etc and enhanced body balance in all.
  • Creation of a sense of overall well being with a peaceful mind and enhanced concentration level.
  • The students will experience feelings of deep relaxation, higher efficiency while working and a sense of improved self-confidence.
  • Improvement in the feeling of self-worth will be observed as the student moves closer to the divine energy through yoga and meditation.
  • Balanced energy will instigate means for a healthier and stronger immune system.
  • Optimization in body and mind’s response to stressful situations will be observed.
  • The student will feel a deep sense of belonging with tranquility and observe positive changes in his/her attitude towards situations, things, and people.


The specialty about divyaa yoga institute’s yoga classes in Ghaziabad

The yoga classes in Ghaziabad by Divyaa Yoga Institute offer a therapeutic experience for the enrollers through daily group yoga classes that provide you with solutions for your persisting ailments and protect you from any ailments to come because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Divyaa yoga institute holds pride in their highly experienced and learned tutors that have mastered the art of teaching yoga and related practices to a number of students over the years. 

The institute is special for its courses and programs as the route of the transformational journey that you embark on is prepared by experts who hold commendable subject knowledge. Besides this, the institute offers a generously designed curriculum with hostel facilities that ensure a proper environment for healing and learning.

The curriculum is designed so as to suit the lifestyle of people from varied backgrounds; right from business executives to homemakers and students, we have different schedules and curriculum to align with your lifestyles.
Whether you wish to learn from a male yoga teacher or a female yoga teacher, Divyaa Yoga Institute has all options open for you to choose from, thereby making your transformational journey more flexible from multiple points of view.