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Yoga is a rejuvenating process that cleanses the mind and soul. Divyaa yoga institute, which is a thriving name in this domain is consistently focusing to uplift the society by teaching yoga and meditation.
There are numerous beneficial aspects that come with Divyaa Yoga Institute because of its recognized name and years of teaching experience.

Some of the key benefits are : 

  • Reconstruction of spiritual energy within the body to reduce mental stress and increase physical flexibility.
  • Learning from the pioneers who are driven to enhance the lifestyle of physically and mentally unfit people.
  • The best yoga teacher in Delhi works with Divyaa Yoga Institute to teach all types of yoga forms and techniques.
  • Personality development learning with programs like group yoga classes and other special yoga programs.
  • Aspirants can learn and work as a professional yoga teacher with certification courses offered by the institute. 
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Experience of Yoga

  • Balance Body & Mind
  • Meditation Practice
  • Boost your willpower
  • Healthy Daily Life
  • Yoga Month Challenge
  • Create cool mind
  • Increases calmness
  • Positivity
  • Concentration Mindfulness
  • Self-confidence
  • Tranquility
  • Better understanding of mind

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Group yoga classes are precisely designed to create a friendly atmosphere between people while practicing yoga. With our stress management and spritual classes, you can boost your mental and physical health but with group yoga program you can improve your personality as well because, in such special yoga programs you get an opportunity to interact with people from a different culture who may speak a different language, this interaction grooms your personality and enhance your way of interaction. Yoga training courses in India take the great initiative to unite people over yoga to make them learn this ancient art.

Group classes are directed towards practicing multiple forms of yoga-like Power yoga and the traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga. Meditational exercises like Pranayam, Mantra reciting, etc., are also practiced which unlocks your spirituality level to find your true self hidden within. You will learn all the techniques required to get the perfect shape and form for asanas which will boost up your physical flexibility and endurance.


What’s special about our Group Yoga Classes?

Divyaa Yoga Institute is a leading international yoga class in Ghaziabad, that offers several yoga courses and programs which include 200 hours of yoga teacher training certification courses, 21 days of better-living courses, and more. this grandeur itself is one of the specialties of this group yoga class because you will be taught by experts who have a good amount of experience in the field of yoga. With such experience, you will learn right from the basics to the advanced level of yoga and study multiple aspects related to it.

This special yoga program is a great opportunity for youngsters and fitness-driven people who desire for a positive and fit lifestyle. Power workouts are specifically designed for weight loss which will help you reduce body fat. The program seeks to provide ultimate mental peace to the mind and soul which is much needed in the era of increasing stress day by day. After completing this yoga training you will reinvent yourself and meet a newer positive person with a more powerful mind, also it will motivate you to change your lifestyle for better & healthy living.