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Stress management and spiritual classes

Stress has been known as a major cause of diseases and illnesses. Divyaa yoga institute has formulated much-needed stress management and spiritual course that is highly required by the stressed generation that is busy in their mundane lifestyles running for accomplishing deadlines and goals. 

Working in alliance with body, mind, and breath, one can successfully win over stress and learn to deal with stressful situations without panicking or getting anxious over it. This course follows the time-tested practice of yogic principles from ancient times that are proven to be highly effective in controlling stress and moving towards spirituality. Come join Divyaa yoga institute’s stress management and spiritual classes in Delhi NCR and master the techniques of yogic times to manage stress effectively and embark on a spiritual journey.

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Experience of Yoga

  • Balance Body & Mind
  • Meditation Practice
  • Boost your willpower
  • Healthy Daily Life
  • Yoga Month Challenge
  • Create cool mind
  • Increases calmness
  • Positivity
  • Concentration Mindfulness
  • Self-confidence
  • Tranquility
  • Better understanding of mind

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What will I learn under this course?

Stress is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to pressurizing situations. Even though winning over stress is not easy, managing it in order to minimize negatives for yourself is doable with the help of yoga and stress management tactics. Yoga philosophy consists of a wide array of ideas and techniques that help in making the human mind stress free and to tutor it to keep from stressing in the coming situations. The syllabus of this stress management course in Ghaziabad is aimed at the following tactics:

  • Tactics to lead a concentrated life to overcome stress
  • Meditation, yoga asanas, and pranayama to deal with stress and reduce it
  • Three levels of relaxation- body, mind, and spirit
  • Fight and flight response v relaxation response
  • Stress, anger and fear management
  • Diet and Weight Management


Benefits of Stress management and spiritual classes

Taking up stress management and spiritual classes in Delhi NCR has a wide range of benefits that mainly concern the mind and peace of an individual. Following are the major benefits that one will impart by taking up this course-

  • Reduction of negative organizational stress
  • Higher productivity at work
  • Control over emotional outbreaks
  • The confidence level is boosted as stress is controlled
  • Better communication and boosted morale of the individual
  • Concentration is improved as the ability to think and act is enhanced with controlled stress
  • Elimination of unnecessary energy drain
  • Anger and impatience is reduced, impacting the overall personality of an individual
  • Spiritual path leads to tranquility and a better understanding of worldly concerns
  • Greater access to intuition
  • Sharper memory and improved brain functions like focus.


What is the eligibility for this course?

The en-rollers are required to have a minimum qualification for twelfth passed on any field for being eligible to take up this stress management and spiritual course in Delhi, India. Apart from this, we offers group yoga classes, corporate yoga classes, yoga workshop, stress management and spritual classes, 200 hours yoga teacher training courses, etc. It is also important to note the even though experience in this field is not a bar but the en-rollers is required to hold basic proficiency in English language for communication as the course instructions will be given in English. 

For those who are not physically fit or have had any major ailments in the past, a certificate by the concerned authorities following a medical checkup will be required to prove your eligibility for the classes.

People from any work background, nationality, religion, the linguistic specification can enrol for this comprehensive course if they fulfil the above stated eligibility criteria.